6 Simple Tips to Organize the Wardrobe

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Simple Tips to Organize the Wardrobe – An organized wardrobe is the dream of ten out of ten women. For the most exaggerated, that reduced space provided by the closet has become insufficient and the ideal solution is even to invest in a complete closet – with the right doors and more doors, drawers, and compartments for all types of clothing, shoes and accessories. If you have not yet had enough space or money to invest in such a place, a few simple tips can be very valuable for the proper organization of your “stuff”.

6 Simple Tips to Organize the Wardrobe


1 – Well organized jump shoes

You will need only a few slats of wood and nails. Install the slats into the cabinet or wall of the room, as if they were shelves. The idea is simple and very inexpensive – if you want a more beautiful appearance, simply paint the wardrobe or even wrap them in the fabric. Once installed, just hang your heeled shoes on them, so that the heel sustains the weight of the shoe.


2 – Belts, scarves, and scarves always in sight

Nothing worse than knowing you have the right accessory to match certain products but not knowing where it is. To avoid the problem, use a hanger and some curtain rings – those used in the old plastic curtains of the bathrooms are perfect. Simply attach one row of rings to the hanger and, if necessary, another row just below the first. So you can hang each belt, scarf or scarf on a different ring.


3 – Baskets identified for the most diverse objects

Buy wicker baskets of different sizes. They will serve to organize the most varied objects – from beauty products to socks and towels, for example. Just label each basket according to its content and you will never have to toss the cupboard again to find what you are looking for.


4 – Grater to organize earrings

It may sound strange, but using an antique grater is a good solution for those who own many pairs of earrings and do not know how to store them. Paint it with a special metallic paint and you can use all those holes for something more than making dinner. In addition, the piece ensures an unusual touch to the decor of the room.


5 – Ice cream pots in drawers

Anyone who thinks that ice cream pots are just enough to pack that deliciousness could not be more wrong. In the wardrobe drawers, the ice cream pots act as a separator. So you can keep socks, panties, and bikinis in one drawer without creating chaos.


6 – Egg cartons for general offal

Nowadays, everything is allowed in the name of practicality. Rings, necklaces and other giblets do not have to be tossed into the closet – and a box of eggs, for example, may be the solution for this type of object. You can paint it or keep it unique. The various “compartments” of these boxes allow needles, threads, pins, buttons and everything else you keep, often without even knowing the reason, will be better organized after the egg cartons.

If you also have some trick to organize the wardrobe, leave a comment below and share your tip.

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