3 Tips for Shopping for Quality Bedding

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3 Tips for Shopping for Quality Bedding – If you’re looking into stocking up on new sheets or blankets this winter, you’ve probably wondered about which fabrics are the best choice. Whether you’re concerned with thread count or origin of the material, there are a number of things you should keep in mind when shopping for bedding. You can easily find retailers who insist that their bedding is of the highest quality, but how do you know if they’re telling the truth? Bedding can be pricey, but with a few tips and tricks like these, you’ll quickly learn how to separate the good stuff from the bad.

3 Tips for Shopping for Quality Bedding

Tips for Shopping for Quality Bedding
Tips for Shopping for Quality Bedding

Focus on Fabric Texture

You have probably heard to check thread count – and you should. Any thread count over 350 is high quality. But what if you’re buying a duvet cover? Focus instead on the fabric texture. Something that’s high quality should feel smooth to the touch. The fabric shouldn’t stretch or pull in a lopsided manner; furthermore, it shouldn’t have uneven stitching or strange pattern cutoffs. Check to make sure that everything is uniform before spending money on a big purchase.

Go Organic if Possible

Whether you’re buying for yourself or your children, choosing natural fabrics such as flax, wool, silk, or cotton is always the best way to go. Select fabrics that have been treated with only natural dyes, and ensure that the threads were woven from organic plants. By doing this; you can ensure that more care was taken – chances are, the bedding was made in a small factory, rather than a large one – and it will ultimately yield better warmth for the price. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any toxic chemicals being used in the creation of the blanket!Blanket1

Eyeball it

When all else fails, simply eyeball the fabric. Does it look like it has a powder on it? That’s a sign of cheap fabric – the dye has been stretched and pulled from the fibers. Does the pattern look a little off? It was probably put together on a machine with little care to the final quality of the product. By looking for inconsistencies or marks that stand out; you can easily avoid purchasing something that you’ll find to be inferior upon its removal from the package!; Just be sure to do plenty of research on which fabrics you need for your home and climate, and soon you’ll be rocking the best bedding of anyone you know.

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